The Short Film Greta's Bed and Breakfast written by Angelika Roberts was shown at the 21st Festival of northern “lights, camera, action” with films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Baltic neighbors Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia!

Angelika played the lead role together with Madeleine Falk here with
The Director of The Festival, James Koenig at The Writer's Guid Theater, Beverly Hills.

The film takes place on Greta´s magical Bed & Breakfast far away from the city. Lina and Siv, who are best friends, are checking in together over the weekend. The visit will change their lives.

Greta (Maria Fahl Vikander) seems to know a lot about her guests and she also carries a big secret.

Lina is played by Madeleine Falk who is based in Los Angeles and Siv is played by Angelika Roberts. 


Lina: Madeleine Falk

Siv: Angelika Roberts

Greta: Maria Fahl Vikander

Rudolf: Jan Rippe

Ingrid: Anna Lu Franz

Peter: Matti Boustedt

Charlie: Toni Rhodin

Vera: Stella Dickens Cederkvist

Director: Elisabeth Seth Rippe

Writer: Angelika Roberts

Producer: Dark Duck Studio

Camera: Enrico Riscassi

B-Photo: Niclas Lönn

Technical Director: Alexander Lönn

Production Design: Louise Ardefelt

Makeup/Costume: Sofie Eliasson

FAD: Cecilia Säverman

Executive Producer: Jonathan Holms

Composer: Robin Rhodin

Editor: Alexander Lönn

Sound: John Johansson

Electrician: Tomas Lönn

Foley: John Johansson

Script Supervisor: Linus Bonnevie...

India is home to the world's largest film industry, producing nearly 2000 films annually.
Angelika Participated at the IIFTC market together with The Swedish Film Commission South
to launch the new group "Scandinavian Talents India".

With her she had two of her colleagues, actor Börje Lundberg and Mikael Forsberg. The purpose of the group is to create more opportunities for Scandinavian actors to work in Indian movies.

Mikael Forsberg, Angelika Roberts, Mikael Svensson (Swedish Film Commission)
and Börje Lundberg.

Website:   (direct link, click on the picture)

The 4th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival was held September 23, 2017, at the legendary Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Angelika Roberts was hosting

The Gala Evening together with her colleauge Mikael Spreitz.

 Mikael Spreitz and Angelika Roberts on the red carpet

 Mikael Spreitz, actress Elise Rovinsky, Talent Manager Maria Vascsak and Angelika Roberts

 Actor Antonio Julak, Angelika Roberts and TV-journalist Simo Benbachir

Idag presenterar vi Angelika Roberts som kommer spela rollen som läkaren Therese!

Angelika Roberts har ett gediget CV med titlar såsom Noll Tolerans, FRIENDS (Vänner), Nya tider och Konsten att få sin mamma att gråta. Hon är utbildad inom skådespel i Los Angeles, New York, Paris och Stockholm. Vi från teamet bakom En sista gång är väldigt glada och hedrade att Angelika Roberts är ombord projektet. Hon kommer med sitt mänskliga skådespel kunna gestalta den kontroversiella rollen som Therese på ett utomordentlig vis.

"Angelika har något väldigt mänskligt i sitt uttryck, ett skådespel du sugs in i. När vi var på jakt efter den som skulle spela läkaren Therese var det väldigt viktigt för oss att man skulle kunna se människan bakom läkarfasaden, detta hittade vi verkligen hos Angelika. Det är en fantastisk känsla att som regissör få jobba med en sådan talangfull skådespelerska som Angelika!" - Alexander Lönn

"We are extremely proud and excited about this co-operation, to work with this unique, diverse and brilliant talent who we see as a perfect fit to the Agency. We choose our clients with care, making sure the match is a perfect one in all aspects, for both clients as well as the Agency, no exception this time. I have met Angelika on several occasion as well as seen her on stage perform and is amazed by her passion, talent and personality. We are extremely excited to represent Angelika, she is unique and brilliant in all her roles, and we look forward to our interesting journey ahead. Once again, welcome to the team Angelika Roberts " - Maria Vascsak, Talent Manager

Angelika attended the Swedish Film Institute´s Oscar Party at The Roosevelt Hotel. Here with fellow actress Anna-Lu Franz and Hollywood Producer J. Graigory on the red carpet.

Hannes Holm, Swedish Director nominated for best foreign film "A man called Ove" and J. Graigory producer at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

See trailer:

The duo Paula Ternström and Angelika Roberts wrote this modern Thelma & Louise, a play about listening to your heart and go for your dreams! They are inspired by Tarantino, David Lynch, Chekov, Thelma & Louise and Shakespeare. They performed at Theatre Tribunalen in Stockholm and The Dramatic Theatre in Gothenburg during the fall of 2016 and will be touring around Sweden in 2017.

Review :

 Henrik Norman, Angelika Roberts, Francisco José Sobrado Reyes & Alexandra Chalupa

                     The short film After School was shot in 2016 by the photographer Magnus Peterson.
                     The film is travelling on filmfestivals during 2017.

Angelika produced and performed in the short film Latte moms that was shown at the New York City International Filmfestival and Scandinavian Film Festival Hollywood LA.

 Angelika together with Christoph Timm, associate director at SOM New York.

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Angelika Roberts is a Swedish actor working within film, TV and Theatre world wide.

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