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Here you can write a short presentation of who you are. Something easy and catchy that make people want to find out more about you and keep scrolling down. This will be their first impression of you and your site.

Think about how you want to communicate with your visitors. Do you want to distance yourself to them - writing about yourself in third person? Or do you want to communicate with them in a personal way - to build a relationship with your audience and create engagement?

This is also something you should think about through all your channels. Your website will be one of them, and together they will all decide the visitors impression of you.

The clearer purpose you have with your channels, the easier it will be to plan and create content along the way.

Gröna löv
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  • Year of Birth

  • Height

  • And other kinds of numbers or quick facts like appearances.


  • Language 1

  • Language 2

  • Etc

Special Skills

  • Special skills that make you unique and stand out of the crowd.

Notable Works

  • Here you can list a few of your works that you want to highlight for the visitor.

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