Angelika Roberts is a Swedish actor working within film, TV and Theatre world wide.

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The short film Greta´s B & B written by Angelika Roberts


The film takes place on Greta´s magical Bed & Breakfast far away from the city. Lina and Siv, who are best friends, are checking in together over the weekend. The visit will change their lives.




Greta (Maria Fahl Vikander) seems to know a lot about her guests and she also carries a big secret.





Lina is played by Madeleine Falk who is based in Los Angeles and Siv is played by Angelika Roberts. 



Lina: Madeleine Falk

Siv: Angelika Roberts

Greta: Maria Fahl Vikander

Rudolf: Jan Rippe

Ingrid: Anna Lu Franz

Peter: Matti Boustedt

Charlie: Toni Rhodin

Vera: Stella Dickens Cederkvist

Director: Elisabeth Seth Rippe

Writer: Angelika Roberts

Producer: Dark Duck Studio

Camera: Enrico Riscassi

B-Photo: Niclas Lönn

Technical Director: Alexander Lönn

Production Design: Louise Ardefelt

Makeup/Costume: Sofie Eliasson

FAD: Cecilia Säverman

Executive Producer: Jonathan Holms

Composer: Robin Rhodin

Editor: Alexander Lönn

Sound: John Johansson

Electrician: Tomas Lönn

Foley: John Johansson

Script Supervisor: Linus Bonnevier

Second Unit Dop: Willy Lukwago

PA: Tobias Fridlund, Emil Aminpay





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